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Pipe Chamfering Machine
Pipe Notching Machine
JE 325 - Hydraulic Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Technical Cutting Specification :


Parts Specification Fitted Make
HMI (touch screen) Schneider 7
PLC Schneider
Motor VFD Schneider
Contactor Schneider
Relay Card Schneider
SMPS Telemachanique
Pressure switch Indfos
Digital Read Out Schneider
Main motor / Hydraulic motor Elcen
Hydraulic solenoid valves Yuken
Hydraulic gear pump Yuken



Max OD

100mm Blade size application


Max Size of bunch

70x70 (Any combination Machine weight 600kg
Max Wall Thickness(MS) 7mm Machine dimension feet 6.10 x 3.6 x 5.0

09975669481 / 07359597200
  1. Auto feed (Bunch Cutting) Auto Clamping Auto Cut piece Ejecting. PLC Control Machine, Length Accuracy + -0.2 trough DRO length Setting.
  2. Main Motor 3HP / 3HP (1400/2800), Hydraulic Power Pack of 2 HP
  3. Clamping Source Pneumatic. Option of duel and Bigger clamping cylinder for heavy cutting.
  4. Cutting feeding source hydro pneumatic, Material feeding Source Hydraulic

A fully automatic cutting machine with bundle cut option. Standard 90deg. Cutting. PLC control machine with 7 touch screen interface with single length cutting schedule. Counter stopper and resettable counter for complete data keeping. 6 interlock/ protection (alarms) eliminate malfunction or accident due human or other circumstantial mistakes/error. Length tolerance within +/-0.2 mm. Self written software allows continues upgrades which are free for all previous machine owners. On-board error detection system allows immediate help and repair of machine of most parts. Manual use option to use the machine on manual mode. User can feed in actual RPM required on the touch screen, no switch selection or chart calculation like other imported machine of same range. Input air pressure maintaining switch cum alarm. This features are not available with any machine of same range. Current overload Protection is through software interlock, which is very precise, no chance of malfunction. Thus prevents blade breakage up to 80%

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